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Hammer Forum

Since 1991, a relief organization called The Hammer Forum has been providing children in disaster zones access to medical care. Children who require medical care but cannot receive it within their own country are sent to Germany. In addition, in order to give children, the chance of a healthy future, the Hammer Forum dispatches medical teams to various crisis zones across the globe. 
We would like to thank the entire Hammer Forum team for their commitment to return and make a significant contribution while also performing crucial surgical operations on our youngsters in Somaliland.
Both the long-term development of medical care structures in the project countries and the education and training of local medical personnel are priorities for MAS CTH and the Hammer Forum.


MAS CHT Somali Associazioneonlus

Dr. Mohamed Aden Sheikh established the Associazione Somali Onlus in Turin, Italy, on March 20, 2002, with the goal of establishing a new working environment in support of individuals in developing nations, with special attention to Somalia, Somaliland, through collaboration for development, education, health assistance, conservation of nature and landscape, culture, and art.
Somali Onlus, a nationwide and international organization, aims to organize families and communities for self-sufficiency, education, and health aid.
These goals are achieved through research and the subsequent implementation of certain projects in various regions.
All of this has been made possible by the contributions and steadily rising number of enthusiastic individuals, companies, and institutions that support the program.

Dr. Mohamed Aden Sheikh



The non-profit organization Docemus was established in 2009 by Peppino Nubile. The emblem of Docemus, "Training for Improving Specialty Medicine," which translates to "teaching how to walk with your legs," effectively reflects the organization's mission. In order to provide healthcare workers with the knowledge they need in order to work independently in underdeveloped countries, Docemus has been collaborating with MAS CT Hospital in regards to malnutrition project, training, and supervision over the past several years.


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